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¿Who Am I?

Every day I try to improve my show, and make each performance an unforgettable moment in the life of each child.

I am from Ecuador , but I was born in Brooklyn New York , my parents took me to live in Guayaquil - Ecuador , at the age of 8 years, ever since childhood daydreaming , dreaming of being a Hollywood star or telenovela. The school was very restless and always involved in any activity, to theater, etc. imitated artists . , . Economic situation of our country made ​​us go back to new york .

I was growing up and I looked in the mirror and I said this looks skinny legs and potbelly me never become a Leonardo DiCaprio, my hopes were dashed , but yet life had prepared me another surprise.

Whenever I am in the company of family and friends I will always miss some joke or nonsense , the people around me laugh and enjoy my madness , then I thought, " not all serve for all , but if we all serve for something.

I always knew I had a quality of making others laugh , until one day a friend I mention that because I did not became a clown , I thought , and no doubt, and I told myself , I would give her a smile to each person and every child , and thus feed on the good vibes that gives us a smile.

Today enjoy a full measure of affection and love that I have with my beautiful family, my wife and kids , that's how the story begins in my life to become a clown, bring joy to every home and fill all of joy and live in a better world .

Each day I strive more to improve my show, and make every performance an unforgettable moment in the life of every child now, that fills me with joy and makes me grow as a person too.

Why Concorito name ? I also work as a taxi driver in new york and my friends nicknamed the Concord, the fastest commercial aircraft in the world that ever existed , I give fast service , safe and effective , so was the Concord . Loving my friends tell me Concorito . And thus he would travel to every home and bring many joys.

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